Pizza Prima (Montreal)

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Pizza Prima (Montreal)

Pizza Prima Montreal!

At Pizza Prima we have one of the best kept secrets of Montreal and you can discover it. Come with us and discover the most delicious flavor experience: our special pizzas, gourmet pizzas, salad, poutines, fries and our famous chicken wings. Order now online or by telephone and enjoy our efficient delivery service to Westmount, Downtown Montreal, Cote st Luc , Hampstead, NDG, Sherbrooke st West and Monkland or if you prefer just come with us for pick up.

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Quality score

  • MooMoo Squiggles

    MooMoo Squiggles MooMoo Squiggles

    -This is the real deal. As a new yorker myself, I can't mean it enough. No one else in this province knows how to make real pizza. Don't waste your time anywhere else. Top notch deliciousness iciii-
  • Elie Nabhan

    Elie Nabhan Elie Nabhan

    -I’ve ordered from Prima a few times and was never disappointed. Delicious thin crust pizza with fresh ingredients, excellent chicken wings and a great humble service to top it all up. Even the delivery service is perfect and always on time. One of the best pizza joint in Montreal. Definitely worth a bite.-
  • Erika Gardner

    Erika Gardner Erika Gardner

    -The Gentle Man at the counter was really nice. Pizza was thin crust and delicious. You don't feel heavy after eating it. Was delicious and fresh-
  • Jonathan Abramovici

    Jonathan Abramovici Jonathan Abramovici

    -Tried it for the first time. Pizza was great. Owner was awesome! Will definitely be back!-
  • Turney Mckee

    Turney Mckee Turney Mckee

    -I've been here twice. First time was the best pizza i've had in Montreal - bar none. The second time the pizza was a little.. well done. I wouldn't have noticed but the guy at the counter checked before i took it home. He insisted that he make me a second pizza and that I take home both - I didn't want to waste the food and the first one really wasn't that bad, so we settled on it being half price instead. He was really apologetic, i felt like he took a lot of pride in the quality of their food and service. That pizza was still the second best i've had in MTL.-
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